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SweeperWebNames.com is a website that offers a wide variety of pre-purchased, top-level domain addresses oriented to the power sweeping industry.

Have domain names you'd like to sell? Please let us know.

The domain names listed at SweeperWebNames come from a variety of sources. Many are owned by people who had a vision that the domain names they bought would someday be seen as premium names. Today, as the internet has become so popular and most great top-level .com names have been snapped up, this has become the reality.

To be sold at SweeperWebNames.com, all domain names must be marked to sell for at least 25% under current appraised value. Most are discounted much more than that. This is our way to ensure you are making a sound investment for the future.

As our name implies, SweeperWebNames.com specializes primarily in domain names of interest to power sweeping contractors, although a few will attract other types of pavement contractors. Some of these are 'state- or region-based,' so called because they have the name of a particular U.S. state or geographical region in them. These types of names will appeal to two different types of businesses.

Just starting out? No matter what your business' name, there's no better way to gain instant credibility than with a website based on a premium web name.

Want better search engine traffic to your current website? State-based premium web names are great for that, too. You will see that many of the domain names at SweeperWebNames.com are composed of the words that searchers use with great frequency at major sites like Google.com and Yahoo.com.

To come up at the top of those searches, you can do one of two things. One is to set up a 'forward' from your premium domain to your current website. Alternatively, we can help you set up a single 'entrance page' at the website of your premium domain. This announces that 'Name of Your Company' is 'YourPremiumDomainName.com,' and then automatically re-directs to your current website.

Take a look at the many premium domain names we have available. These all include pricing, and most also show the current appraised value. We include a link on all our website name pages to the appraisal service we rely on, URLappraisal.com. Feel free to check pricing for yourself.

Have questions? Just send us an email We'll be glad to help in any way we can.

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